QSLD Qualified Distributor

What Does QSLD Approval Mean?

The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) has a Qualified Suppliers List for Distributors (QSLD) for Class 2 Threaded Fasteners identifying pre-qualified sources for certain products purchased by DSCP. Distributors on this list are recognized by DSCP as meeting all necessary criteria, particularly regarding quality control, to sell specified fasteners that are ultimately sold to DSCP. For ten years, Kanebridge has been approved by DSCP as having met all of the requirements to be such a distributor.

As of May 10, 2016, Kanebridge’s QSLD "Qualified Distributor" Status Has Been Reaffirmed for a Three-year Period.

This means that any military-grade parts sold from Kanebridge’s Elgin, Illinois facility, that were purchased from and made by a QSLM-approved manufacturer can be purchased by another distributor on the QSLD-Approved list for resale to DSCP. If you are a QSLD-Approved distributor, congratulations! Kanebridge completes the chain of distribution that gives you a reliable source for fully certified, military-grade hardware that ships the same day.

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Kanebridge assures that all necessary military certifications are available free of charge.

QSLD-status only applies for orders shipped from our Elgin IL warehouse.

What Kanebridge Items Are QSLD-Approved?

At this time, all of these product lines are purchased from QSLM-approved manufacturers:

Machine Screws

Hex Cap Screws

Socket Head Cap Screws

Finished Hex Nuts