Did You Know? You Can Use Your Own Part Numbers!

However you place your purchase order - by phone, by fax or online - Kanebridge captures your part number every time you include it with your order. This information is only stored in your secure FasNet account. By doing this, you can use your part number(s) whenever you need that same item again! Your part numbers will only work with your Kanebridge account.

If we don't have your part numbers captured already, contact our Customer Service Department to find out how we can get this done for you, to make ordering from Kanebridge even faster and easier than ever!

(A) Enter Your Part Number Here

Login to our e-commerce site FasNet at www.kanebridge.com. Enter your part number in the specified box.

(B) Select the "Your Item" Button

After entering your part number above, select this radio button in order for the system to recognize your part number.